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Catechesis of the Good Shepherd - Level 1 Catechist Training at Saint Patrick - Saint Anthony Church
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from a handout given in class
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Pentecost Celebration

This is usually a full group celebration as close to Pentecost as possible; often the last gathering of the catechetical year.



  • Acts 2:  1-4 (red booklet) (gifts in Isaiah 11:2-Bible or prayer card)
  • Prayer table covered with a red cloth
  • Paschal candle
  • 7 red tapers and candle holders
  • 7 small cards – each containing the name of a gift of the Holy Spirit.  (Wisdom, Piety, Fortitude, Counsel, Understanding, Fear of the Lord, Knowledge)  These may be mounted on red tag board and may contain a simple symbol (flame or dove) of the Holy Spirit.  (Alternative names:  Piety/Reverence, Fortitude/Courage, Counsel/Right Judgment, Fear of the Lord/Wonder and Awe)
  • Baskets for holding the red candles and candleholders, and the gift cards.
  • Matches, snuffer, and tray for spent matches.


Possible songs:  “The Spirit Is A-Moving,” “You Will Receive Power,” “Make a Joyful Noise” (using the phrase ‘Come Holy Spirit’), “Come, Come Emmanuel” tune substituting “Come, Holy Spirit, Come”


Sample Celebration:

  • Light the Paschal Candle and process to the prayer table singing.
  • Prepare the table.
  • Proclamations
    • When Jesus was born the great Light came into the world, but there were those who could not believe he was the light.  They had him put to death on a cross. (Snuff the candle.)
    • Three days later, Jesus rose from the dead with a new life, a risen light which is stronger than death, stronger than the darkness and never to be put out again.  Light the candle again and sing an alleluia.
    • Before his death and resurrection, Jesus had promise to send the Holy Spirit.
    • Forty days after the resurrection, Jesus told his disciples to wait in Jerusalem for “the power from on high” and he ascended up into heaven.
    • Ten days later, which was fifty days after the resurrection, while the disciples were together, waiting in Jerusalem, the day of Pentecost came.  Solemn reading of the text – Acts:  2:1-4.  Consider what happened to the disciples, lifting up the strength and power necessary to change someone.
  • Announce that the Holy Spirit is so strong that when it comes it brings seven gifts.  Read Isaiah 11:2.  Repeat the name of each gift, lighting a red candle for each from the Paschal candle and placing the corresponding gift card in front of the candle.
    • Wonder at the multitude of gifts from the Holy Spirit.  Wonder at the strength and power of the Holy Spirit, a strength great enough to change and transform.
  • Wonder, “Who could these gifts be for?” Announce that just as the Light of the Risen Lord is given to use, so too are the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  All of these gifts are given to us, to change us, for us to use, to help us in following the Good Shepherd.
  • Welcome/invite a prayerful response.
  • (Option with older children:  invitation to choose a gift one feels in particular need of at this time.  Have a small red ‘tea light’ for each child.  Call by name and catechist lights child’s candle from requested gift candle, i.e. candle by wisdom, understanding, etc.  Child’s lighted candle placed in front of that gift.

CGS Level 1 Catechist Training