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Catechesis of the Good Shepherd - Level 1 Catechist Training at Saint Patrick - Saint Anthony Church
Globe & Topographical Map
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by Natalie Welsh, May 2007

Subject:           Geography


Title:                Globe and Topographical Map


Age:                2 1/2+


Liturgical Time:          Prior to Advent, first year


Source:            Bible (four gospels), Bible maps, handout map; RPC p. 113 


Doctrinal Points:

Jesus is real:  He was born in Bethlehem, conceived in Mary by the Holy Spirit in Nazareth and died and rose in Jerusalem.  Great things come from “small” people/places. 


Direct Aim

  • To name and identify: the land of Israel (the dot on the globe), Nazareth, Bethlehem, Jerusalem and their significance in the life of Jesus.


Indirect Aims:

  • To lay the foundation for introducing the mystery of the incarnation
  • To name the globe and identify its land and water
  • To show the relationship between where we live and where Jesus lived
  • To prepare for further geography work
  • To introduce symbols of flame, cross and star
  • To prepare for Advent and the infancy narratives
  • To introduce Mary and Joseph
  • To re-announce the paschal mystery (Jerusalem is the place Jesus died and rose)
  • To assist the child with control of movement in preparation for prayer
  • To implicitly touch on the incarnation theme: God does great things in small vessels



  • Globe – Land and water (Montessori globe) or any small globe with all land textured with art sand, and all water painted blue, with red dot to mark land of Israel
  • Topographical map
    • green – vegetation
    • blue – water
    • tan – desert
    • three holes – three cities
    • mountains and valleys (quite exaggerated)
    • three flags (made of matchstick or small dowel) topped by symbols as follows:
      • red flame for Nazareth
      • yellow star for Bethlehem
      • yellow cross for Jerusalem
      • basket (to hold the flags)
  • Control chart of land of Israel (the same size as the topographical map and labeled “The Land of Israel at the time of Jesus”)
    • Regions colored to match puzzle and labeled
      • OrangeJudea
      • Brown – Galilee
      • Green – Samaria
      • Yellow—Perea
      • Blue – water
      • Cities, with symbols, labeled
      • Waterways (Mediterranean Sea, Sea of Galilee, Jordan River, Dead Sea) labeled
  • Blank 8 x 11” maps for pasting and/or coloring (cities located with dots)
  • Laminated 8 x 11” control chart – colored with symbols pasted on
  • Box with construction paper star, cross and flames (for pasting)
  • Crayons to match control colors
  • Pasting sets




Introduction -- Globe

“We are going to look at something new today.  Something called geography.  Geography shows us the place where Jesus really lived and walked on this earth.”


[If not familiar with globe, perhaps sing “He’s got the whole world in His hands”]


“Do you know what this is?

It is a model of the earth, called a globe

It has two different colors:

            Blue – water

            Tan – land

Would you like to feel it?


Since coming to Atrium we have talked a lot about Jesus. [Turn globe to locate red dot]

This is where Jesus walked on earth (when He was alive).

This is where we keep our globe – you can use it any time you like.


Topographical Map


“This is another kind of a map -- a topographical map – it shows us the way the earth looks from an airplane

What do you see?

            Bumps – hills and mountains

            Blue – water

            Tan – desert -- dry, sandy places


Three places on this map were very important in Jesus’ life:

1.                  Up in the north, the town of Nazareth is where an angel came to Mary and told her that she would be Jesus’ mother. [Insert red flag – flame of the Holy Spirit]

2.                  Mary and Joseph had to travel for a census up in the hill country—the town of Bethlehem is where Jesus was born [Insert yellow star flag]

3.                  Here is Jerusalem.  This is the most important place for everyone in Israel.  Jerusalem is where Jesus died and rose again.  [Insert yellow cross]



Prayerful Response

“There is a song we can sing about the land. Let’s sing “This is Holy Ground.  God is in this place and so it is holy”


Restoration of the Material

Model for children putting the flags back into the basket, renaming each town as you remove the flag, and put the basket on the shelf. 


“This is your work, you can explore it anytime.”


Children’s Work


  • Touch/look at the globe
  • Put flags on map
  • Paste or color map of his or her own
  • Individual art work – Jesus walked on earth


Children’s Responses:






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