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Catechesis of the Good Shepherd - Level 1 Catechist Training at Saint Patrick - Saint Anthony Church
Filling the Cruets
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by Nancy Ahrens, September, 2007

Subject:  Nomenclature & Movement


Title:         Preparing the Cruets


Age:      3+, when a child can pour with accuracy


Liturgical Time:   Any


Doctrinal Points:  None


Direct Aims:

  • To introduce and name the cruets, wine and water and to show them how they are prepared for mass.
  • Control of movement.


Indirect Aims:

  • Greater Participation in Liturgy (GPL).
  • Preparation for prayer through controlled movement.
  • Preparation for Preparation of the chalice
  • To foster a vocation to altar service.


Description of Materials:

  • Low shelf and a working area with an empty space underneath or adjacent for wine & water.
  • An adjacent space to hold a crock for used wine & water.
  • Small set of real-sized glass cruets with caps one with a red dot to indicate the fill line; the other a blue dot.
  • Tray or shallow dish to hold the cruets.
  • Glass pitcher or decanter with a red dot for the wine.
  • Glass pitcher with a blue dot for the water.
  • Small funnel.
  • Small sponge for catching drips.
  • Small tray to hold the funnel and sponge.
  • Bottle of red wine (inexpensive dark burgundy)
  • Attractive crock or pottery type receptacle for emptying cruets.
  • 3 mats for the cruets, crock and wine bottle.




  • I’ve noticed you’ve been very careful with your pouring. Every mass the cruets are brought to the altar.
  • These are the cruets. One holds wine, one holds water.
  • This is how they are prepared for Mass.



  • Take cover off the cruet. Pick up the wine bottle say “This is our wine, you can even smell it” and then place the wine bottle down on the table.
  • Place the funnel in the wine cruet. Say “I’m going to pour the wine, when it reaches the ret dot say stop.”
  • Pour wine into funnel until the red dot and use the sponge to wipe off the drip from the wine bottle.
  • Take the funnel and wipe off the drip with a sponge.
  • Cover the wine cruet and place the wine cruet on the tray and say “The wine cruet is now prepared.”
  • Now say, “Would you like to prepare the water cruet?”
  • Sit aside while the child prepares the water cruet, repeating the above process.
  • Say, “Now the cruets are prepared.”
  • “Now let me show you what to do when the cruets are prepared.”
  • Take the wine cruet and empty the wine into the bucket and sponge off the drip and put back on tray. Ask, “Would you like to empty the water?
  • Child pours the water into the bucket and sponge off the drip.  Place cruet back on the tray.



  • Place cruet forward.
  • Take cover off from cruet.
  • Place funnel on.
  • Bring wine bottle up from the floor with hand  on the wine bottle.
  • Twist cover off.
  • Put cap on table.
  • Pick up wine bottle with one hand while the other hand is supporting the wine bottle.
  • Pour wine (without bottle touching funnel and centered) in the middle of funnel until reaching the red dot.
  • Place wine bottle down. Wipe drip off the wine bottle.
  • Cover wine bottle.
  • Put wine bottle down on wine tray.
  • Pick up funnel.
  • Wipe funnel.
  • Place funnel on tray.
  • Cover cruet.
  • Place cruet on tray.
  • Invite child to do the water cruet. Ask them, “Would you like to do it again?



Children’s Work:

  • Repeating the exercise.
  • Sponging.
  • Dishwashing.


Children’s Responses:




CGS Level 1 Catechist Training